for your girls

next friday we are hosting a holiday party for the girls. I am so excited I can’t stop myself from mentally planning. being in our early 20’s we rarely do a formal party with food and decorations and specialty cocktails – blah blah. it’s going to be awesome.
one thing for sure – we are going to do white elephant. it’s where everyone brings a present and grabs a number. in this game number one is the worst – because everyone after the first person to open a gift can either steal an open prize or grab a new gift. therefore, the last person is the luckiest because they can choose from all the open gifts or go for the lonely last wrapped gift.
for your girls
some people play this with tacky gauge gifts. this is funny, however, we will be playing with cute things at about the 25$ price point. I love gifts like this, I think it’s the perfect opportunity to splurge on something that you would never pay so much for. like a candle that smells awesome but is just crazy over priced. or an awesome lip color.

spotify secret

they have comedy.

completely serious their selection is not kidding around. it all started a few weeks ago when I was struggling thru that 2:30/3 o’clock lull and a guy at work suggested listening to Donald Glover – who I didn’t even know did stand up. have to say I doubted the childish gambino but I am completely happy that I checked it out. he had me literally crying. the cubes surrounding probably think I’m loosing it. but it’s okay because now I am totally hocked. just start with this kix it will convince you to listen to the whole set. guaranteed


monday must

cyber monday + jcrew card.. sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. there goes not spending on my self before christmas.
monday must
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while everything is not making the cut – the chambray is a must. I’ve been eyeing the selection for a while and the jcrew option is up there with the best of em. I think it’s the perfect medium between the bottom end and the crazy expensive ones. the ivory bangle will also make a nice addition to my current collection, not to mention that it’s on sale before the 30%. But seriously after this I have to buckle down and exclusively shop for presents.