insta love – spring edition

some of my favorite images from instagram this spring!

instagram spring edition

 yellow – @mrsstrock – a lovely stella and dot rep

bright laces –  @mackenziehoran

I will admit – I follow @jefholm from the bachelor, come on he is hot. and he actually has a good instagram, he meet this stylish little man traveling – too cute

my friend here in chicago – @samanthachicity – the awesome men’s look


monday pick-me-ups

this chicago spring is taking its time. think – extra time for your favorite chunky scarves.

dose market scarves

dyptique candle shop! we now have one on damen. while their candles are very expensive they will give you a scent sample!

yptique candles shop

How hot is marc jacobs in this dc campaign.

Marc Jacobs

waiting for spring…

while it is officially spring – it was 19 degrees here in Chicago when I was leaving for the gym this morning. and I am doubtful that it is really here.

hoping for the best – here are a few things I can’t wait for

stella and stella

exploring all Chicago has to offer in the market department – last fall I meet this awesome pup named Stella. I think we were made for each other.

Floral Print Spring Jacket

floral jacket 15$ – I hope I didn’t miss my  chance for this one.

Madewell sinny skinny jeans

the skinny skinny madewell jeans fit amazingly – and they currently have spring colors on sale!

DV Archer

Sandal weather – I love this pair by DV

staying motivated

Carrie Bradshaw Sex in the cityI know that it’s not unique to feel completely directionless career/life wise as a 20 something.  But at one point I thought anything was possible and that life was full of opportunity that I just had to uncover. Now it feels like in real life a career isn’t fabulous and you don’t get to do whatever you want. I don’t look like Carrie Bradshaw on my way to work. I don’t have my shit together. And wost of all I am bored, not challenged and uninspired at work. I realize this just has to be a part of life. But how do I stay motivated?

Birch Box Office

I guess my question is how do I go from where I am now – to working in an office like this one with Hayley and Katia of Birchbox.  They are incredibly smart and motivated and now doing something they are passionate about.

Check out their story at  Glitter Guide.

birchbox delivery

I’ve been receiving Birchbox for 6 months now. It’s a treat every month and I’ve discovered some awesome new products.

Birchbox contents

This Ojon thickening hair sprays is one of my favorites!

Thickening Hiar SprayAlong with this awesome Model Co lip gloss.

And this OROFLUIDO Elixir smells amazing and totally helps with winter static.

happy friday

pink dress

I love this dress and it would be perfect for a summer wedding. I just hope it goes on sale before August 10th!

Lush Facial Wash and Mask

I normally get a pimple here or there – but lately it has been non-stop. So on the word of a friend I went to lush – I got a mask and a cleanser. I love they are made from real things and I feel an improvement after just one use.

Doughnut Shops on Armitage

Doughnut shops are literally all over the Chicago now. Yum. New addition Armitage L stop Glazed and Infused.

instagram picture album

Instagram photo album – and now there is even one more reason to use Instagram.

1:50 simply perfect.

Happy St. Patty’s day!

brown paper bag – mexican salad remix

This salad was totally the best decision of this week. It is so crisp, spicy and fresh. I have been remaking it into tacos all week and loving it.

black beans and mexican cabbage tacos

Black Bean Tacos:

Toast tortillas – I do this on an open stove top flame. It heats and crisps them very quickly. Just be careful not to burn them.

Beans – In a pan – add a dash of olive oil – add a can of rinsed black beans – finely slice a little jalapeno – salt + pepper

Top with mexican cabbage salad + a green salsa!

Crisp chicken tacos

I also did this with fried chicken leftover from crisp – so good.

brown paper bag – part two


I am a bon appetite junkie, truly I anticipate it in the mail and save it for the bus ride into work.

So – this week I will be lunching on their Italian Vegetable Stew. I love soup over crusty toasted bread and I love white kidney beans AND I love this way to cook kale. Kale can easily taste bitter and woody. But blanching it before adding it to the soup completely cut that bitter taste.

italian soup
The sourdough – toast the bread like croutons before hand – cool them – bag them.
Microwave the soup and dunk you bread to the bottom and bam its delish.