closet inventory + march goal

So I am officially 25 + one month and I have yet to figure out how to control my spending. And March has bringing  unexpected expensive expenses (bridesmaid dress + Blackhawks tickets for the boy’s birthday) Both of which I am very excited about!


In response, I have mandated a Stella spending freeze I have given my self 50$ for all things non-food and friends related. Any toiletries or clothes that I feel the need for have to fit in the 50$ budget.

I am very nervous, and 16$ down, birchbox + skinny belt.

In attempt to make this work, I am going to do a total closet cleaning and take inventory. With this new knowledge of what I have -I will get creative.


If you haven’t checked out Wendy’s Lookbook you have to. She has tones of awesome tutorials like this scarf one, that help you take advantage of what you have in new and cute ways.

I love The Celebrity and The Waterfall, what awesome new ways to style a t-shirt.


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