brown paper bag

New to the corporate world, I am still getting used to packing a grown up lunch. How do I keep it A – Healthy B – Filling (enough to get you through the day but AVOID the lunch sleepy hangover) C – Interesting (keep me away from the candy bowl).

This week I have decided to try something new instead of making one large item I am making two. Normally I make a soup/stir fry something big, that I inevitable get tired of it.

BUT my new plan is going to solve this issue (fingers crossed). Part one is a Mexican cabbage salad and part two is a veggie soup from March’s Bon Appetite.

Mexican Cabbage Salad

So normally I am somewhat apprehensive of celebrity chef recipes. However, I was wedding dress shopping with my best friend from home and her mom made this amazing, bright and spicy salad. Best part – I can prep it now and then dress is a few days later and it will still be fresh and delish. Also it’s Jamie Oliver so I didn’t have to tweak it to make it healthy!

Trader Joe’s is the closest grocery store to me so I had to substitute a few items. I used endive instead of radishes. I was really bummed that they didn’t have radishes, but endive also has that spicy quality. I also could not find fresh coriander so I used cilantro – I love cilantro. It just makes everything taste fresher.

Part two – Wednesday!


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