walk – southport corridor

chicago is filled with lots of awesome neighborhoods. this week on a mission for a used bike matt and I found ourselves walking around the southport corridor more than a once.

one of my favorite things is that you almost never see big time chain stores. are there starbucks of course, but for every 3 starbucks there is also an awesome local or small-scale shop.

one of the southport staples is the southport grocer. and while the wait was truly painful (I’ve never had an hour and a half turn into two for bunch anywhere) I have to admit the food was awesome.

southport grocer - burger

since it was after one when we sat I ordered the burger with goat cheese  and it was amazing. the cheese was whipped and light and the burger was full of flavor. matt had the club and which was also unique and worth the wait.

Shouthport grocer

they also have a cute selection of craft goods, my aunt makes soups in lake forest and this is one of the awesome places that sells them!

we also spotted duncan keith – matt is a huge hawks fan, so that was fun.

duncan keith black hawks

playoffs start tonight. go hawks!


find – etsy pluse

ahhhh! so I love etsy. it’s filled with awesome jems and can quickly steal an entire hour from your day before you  notice.

birka sonia tay

but it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. not always a bad thing, but there is simply a lot to sift through. which is why birka is so awesome. it’s a curated etsy and it is filled with great stuff.

birka soledad proano

there are some amazing designers on the site currently – Soledad Prano makes these beauties.

soledad prano

and love the top right here!

Meghna Dave

eat – lincoln park whole foods

completely serious about this one. the lincoln park whole foods is hocked up. they have a bunch of fresh healthy food options. they have good wines and beers on tap. and the prices are great.

they have an awesome patio along the river, with a view of  the city. and it is nothing like big star packed. we went around two and it was basically empty.

whole foods patio

the tacos are awesome. I especially loved the fish one, you get a nice portion of fish and two tacos are enough for one. it’s a great place to stop when your out walking around. and you can pick up some groceries on your way out.

whole foots patio

but don’t tell everyone. I don’t want it getting packed.

find – dollar shave club

most hated item on my shopping list – razor blades.

they are ridiculously expensive and they are no fun. they aren’t cute and I don’t like one type over another all that much. basically I avoid buying new ones till the ones I have are giving me razor burn.

dollar shave club

to the rescue – dollar shave club. my boyfriend recently signed up for this and while it is for men – if it’s good enough for a face, it’s good enough for my legs. the angle is a little different from a woman’s blade but I adjusted quickly.

 for just 6 dollars every other month I get 4 blades (middle option – but on the every other month setting).  I think this is a genius service and it’s crazy successful in just it’s first few months! they also have an awesome commercial.

dollar shave club

I did find a girl version but you only get 2 blades a month so it’s significantly more expensive.

chic shave

smile – it’s friday

friday could not come soon enough this week. I don’t know what it was – but I was in a particularly foul mood this and no fun for those around me.

new leaf flower shop

but at least it’s the weekend. I can’t wait to hang with friends. and if it ever stops raining get out for a bike ride!


I love all the cute flower shops around town. a new leaf is in old town and it is beautiful. they also have an awesome rental space with exposed brick, a courtyard and just filled with greenery.

new leaf green house

I hope to make it to floriole cafe this weekend. they have the most amazing bread and treats. and it’s not like a typical brunch where you leave in a food coma.

favorites – make a statement

big necklaces are everywhere.
lauren hope necklace
I love how bright they are – perfect for adding a punch to a neutral outfit.
make a statement
why are all these awesome necklaces so expensive. and why can so many people afford to spend this kind of money on a necklace? yes – they are awesome and I would love to have any one of them, but really?
my mission find more reasonable substitutes.