be – aggressive

I am on the timid side of the spectrum. I can be afraid to speak out in large groups. basically it takes me a while to warm up to people. and in general I like to know where your head is and have an idea of who you are before I open up.


this can make it difficult for me to meet people. and it is seems to be making it difficult for me to advance at work. this is not something that I like at the moment.

but for me it is a difficult line. I don’t like the brash bossy girl, I’m sure you know one. and I don’t have any interest in being her. but she gets ahead. so I need to find my way of speaking out. and I need to be my kind of bossy.

rachel zoe closet

I don’t know how accurate the rachel zoe project is to reality. but I’m obsessed with her. she does an awesome job of speaking out and not appearing like a jerk. maybe this is because she is in charge.

rachel zoe

how do you assert yourself at work?


5 thoughts on “be – aggressive

  1. Learning how to assert yourself without coming across as a b*tch can certainly be a challenge, especially as a younger woman in the work place. I, too, am learning – and recently feel like I have been learning the hard way, even through some tears, but it has been good for growth. Rachel Zoe certainly does it with class, at least according to the show!
    Much love,

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