find – dollar shave club

most hated item on my shopping list – razor blades.

they are ridiculously expensive and they are no fun. they aren’t cute and I don’t like one type over another all that much. basically I avoid buying new ones till the ones I have are giving me razor burn.

dollar shave club

to the rescue – dollar shave club. my boyfriend recently signed up for this and while it is for men – if it’s good enough for a face, it’s good enough for my legs. the angle is a little different from a woman’s blade but I adjusted quickly.

 for just 6 dollars every other month I get 4 blades (middle option – but on the every other month setting).  I think this is a genius service and it’s crazy successful in just it’s first few months! they also have an awesome commercial.

dollar shave club

I did find a girl version but you only get 2 blades a month so it’s significantly more expensive.

chic shave


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