walk – southport corridor

chicago is filled with lots of awesome neighborhoods. this week on a mission for a used bike matt and I found ourselves walking around the southport corridor more than a once.

one of my favorite things is that you almost never see big time chain stores. are there starbucks of course, but for every 3 starbucks there is also an awesome local or small-scale shop.

one of the southport staples is the southport grocer. and while the wait was truly painful (I’ve never had an hour and a half turn into two for bunch anywhere) I have to admit the food was awesome.

southport grocer - burger

since it was after one when we sat I ordered the burger with goat cheese  and it was amazing. the cheese was whipped and light and the burger was full of flavor. matt had the club and which was also unique and worth the wait.

Shouthport grocer

they also have a cute selection of craft goods, my aunt makes soups in lake forest and this is one of the awesome places that sells them!

we also spotted duncan keith – matt is a huge hawks fan, so that was fun.

duncan keith black hawks

playoffs start tonight. go hawks!


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