fall favorite


there are so many reasons that fall is my favorite season to dress for. this year flannel is on the top of my shopping list.

flannel and short



master of the messy together

leather skirt

leather skirt


one thing about flannel is that it is everywhere, and there is no need to splurge on it. first check out second hand stores, but forever 21 always has something in stock –

forever flan


forev flann 1



weekend lust

take me back. after an awesome weekend visiting home – milwaukee – I am less then thrilled to be back at work.

I had not been home for a while and there were somethings that I was desperately craving. one – cooking diner with dad (theo). two kopps custard. it is amazing. some people think culvers is an alright comparison. but there really is nothing like kopps.

Kopps custard

my other main task while home was thrift shopping for the upcoming studio move. some important things in the three-bedroom place are not mine – so I was out to fill some apartment holes. theo is awesome at finding things second-hand and there are some great and cheap places in milwaukee (purple heart on north ave + the goodwill).

photo (6)

we had awesome success. plates!! not only basic whites that I won’t have to worry about breaking but I am obsessed with these pretty cross ones!

other highlights – brand new le creuset kettle for just 20$ pyrex baking dishes. pint glasses (I love collecting pint glasses). bunt pan, hello pound cakes!

want – long hair

I have had short-ish hair since I started college. sometimes shorter and more styled – other times more casual. but I have now been trying to grow my hair out for forever (post college). and it is the least rewarding idea ever. it never seems to get longer and I am constantly tempted by cute short looks.

blond salad

blond salad

long haircharmingly styled

blake 2

I will probably want to learn how to curl hair. it just seems like there are so many more options with long hair.


is it possible that my hair will ever make it to this length? at least there is also a lot of long hair inspiration, to keep me motivated!


the hunt

come July I am moving in to my own studio apartment. I have always had roommates and there are awesome benefits to having roommates. but I cannot wait to get my own place.

mural headboard

I know my place will be tiny – but it will be my space, to keep clean, to relax and to have people over. I can’t wait to find the right place and to start decorating it!

(mural headboard – might be a good way to make a studio not look so much like a living room with a bed.)

book ends


while I can’t wait to start decorating, it is a struggle to find an affordable place in a desired area in chicago. so far apartment people have proven useless, and I’ve been relying on craigslist and padmapper, any other suggestions?

4 viewings tonight, wish me luck!

be – happy it’s friday

Image (10)

(my little cousin’s insta)

this week has been long and annoying. you know one of those weeks where it’s just one thing after the next. so I am unloading here and going to start the weekend fresh and happy.

monday – our electricity is still off in half the apartment, but finally I’m not the only roommate to care.

tuesday – forgot about the brown line situation and missed my barre class, only to take a bike ride and get in an accident where I flew over my handle bars.

wednesday – fine just sore back/shoulders/leg

thursday – forgot keys at home, unprepared for weather and frozen outside. roommates home with phones on silent. final get in friday morning.

matt and michelle you are my saviors.

air bnb

question – ever use airbnb?

find – etsy pluse

ahhhh! so I love etsy. it’s filled with awesome jems and can quickly steal an entire hour from your day before you  notice.

birka sonia tay

but it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. not always a bad thing, but there is simply a lot to sift through. which is why birka is so awesome. it’s a curated etsy and it is filled with great stuff.

birka soledad proano

there are some amazing designers on the site currently – Soledad Prano makes these beauties.

soledad prano

and love the top right here!

Meghna Dave

find – dollar shave club

most hated item on my shopping list – razor blades.

they are ridiculously expensive and they are no fun. they aren’t cute and I don’t like one type over another all that much. basically I avoid buying new ones till the ones I have are giving me razor burn.

dollar shave club

to the rescue – dollar shave club. my boyfriend recently signed up for this and while it is for men – if it’s good enough for a face, it’s good enough for my legs. the angle is a little different from a woman’s blade but I adjusted quickly.

 for just 6 dollars every other month I get 4 blades (middle option – but on the every other month setting).  I think this is a genius service and it’s crazy successful in just it’s first few months! they also have an awesome commercial.

dollar shave club

I did find a girl version but you only get 2 blades a month so it’s significantly more expensive.

chic shave