love – tiny little things

last night I submitted an application for a very cute little place in lincoln park and I am so excited. no more stress and worry and now I can fantasize about making it my very own little space.

sorry chicago, I still think new york is my favorite city in the states. that is a terrible thing to think after living here for 2 years. though new york apartments are even more expensive and they can be beyond TINY!

here are some awesome examples of how people capitalize on the space that they do have.

tiny ny apartment

this kitchen is awesome – check out all the storage.

one thing I will miss from my current apartment is in-unit laundry, it is so nice.

the dishwasher on the other hand I will not miss.

bloombers is creating these micro apartments and they look awesome. being just under 5 ft, I am partial to small things.

jam of the day


the hunt

come July I am moving in to my own studio apartment. I have always had roommates and there are awesome benefits to having roommates. but I cannot wait to get my own place.

mural headboard

I know my place will be tiny – but it will be my space, to keep clean, to relax and to have people over. I can’t wait to find the right place and to start decorating it!

(mural headboard – might be a good way to make a studio not look so much like a living room with a bed.)

book ends


while I can’t wait to start decorating, it is a struggle to find an affordable place in a desired area in chicago. so far apartment people have proven useless, and I’ve been relying on craigslist and padmapper, any other suggestions?

4 viewings tonight, wish me luck!

eat – brussel sprouts.

love – brussel sprouts. never had them raw before trying a salad at nellcote. and now I’m totally hooked.

brussel sprout salad

I’ve looked at a few recipes and tried it a few different ways. but it’s actually pretty simple. just cut the sprouts thin and salt them, this will wilt them a little and make them less bitter. such a great salad.

brussel sprout salad

I like the fennel and red onion in this one (not a big fan of the brown butter vin). Also if you like a little kick, thinly sliced jalapenos go along way!

this saturday is the first green city market – rain or shine I can’t wait.

eat – lincoln park whole foods

completely serious about this one. the lincoln park whole foods is hocked up. they have a bunch of fresh healthy food options. they have good wines and beers on tap. and the prices are great.

they have an awesome patio along the river, with a view of  the city. and it is nothing like big star packed. we went around two and it was basically empty.

whole foods patio

the tacos are awesome. I especially loved the fish one, you get a nice portion of fish and two tacos are enough for one. it’s a great place to stop when your out walking around. and you can pick up some groceries on your way out.

whole foots patio

but don’t tell everyone. I don’t want it getting packed.

smile – it’s friday

friday could not come soon enough this week. I don’t know what it was – but I was in a particularly foul mood this and no fun for those around me.

new leaf flower shop

but at least it’s the weekend. I can’t wait to hang with friends. and if it ever stops raining get out for a bike ride!


I love all the cute flower shops around town. a new leaf is in old town and it is beautiful. they also have an awesome rental space with exposed brick, a courtyard and just filled with greenery.

new leaf green house

I hope to make it to floriole cafe this weekend. they have the most amazing bread and treats. and it’s not like a typical brunch where you leave in a food coma.