weekend lust

take me back. after an awesome weekend visiting home – milwaukee – I am less then thrilled to be back at work.

I had not been home for a while and there were somethings that I was desperately craving. one – cooking diner with dad (theo). two kopps custard. it is amazing. some people think culvers is an alright comparison. but there really is nothing like kopps.

Kopps custard

my other main task while home was thrift shopping for the upcoming studio move.┬ásome important things in the three-bedroom place are not mine – so I was out to fill some apartment holes. theo is awesome at finding things second-hand and there are some great and cheap places in milwaukee (purple heart on north ave + the goodwill).

photo (6)

we had awesome success. plates!! not only basic whites that I won’t have to worry about breaking but I am obsessed with these pretty cross ones!

other highlights – brand new le creuset kettle for just 20$ pyrex baking dishes. pint glasses (I love collecting pint glasses). bunt pan, hello pound cakes!