love – tiny little things

last night I submitted an application for a very cute little place in lincoln park and I am so excited. no more stress and worry and now I can fantasize about making it my very own little space.

sorry chicago, I still think new york is my favorite city in the states. that is a terrible thing to think after living here for 2 years. though new york apartments are even more expensive and they can be beyond TINY!

here are some awesome examples of how people capitalize on the space that they do have.

tiny ny apartment

this kitchen is awesome – check out all the storage.

one thing I will miss from my current apartment is in-unit laundry, it is so nice.

the dishwasher on the other hand I will not miss.

bloombers is creating these micro apartments and they look awesome. being just under 5 ft, I am partial to small things.

jam of the day


early morning moments from new york

I visited my good friend and old roommate over valentines day weekend in new york. I have not been since I nannied my little cousins when I was in college. and it was so nice to visit!

Grenich village

one of my favorite things to do in a city like new york is just walk around. I was so excited to see the high line, which was not up last time I was in the city.

new yourk hi line

it was such a beautiful morning. my aunt is a guilder and I love checking out the projects she is working on. so I visited her studio in greenwich village.

greenwich villag new york