eat – brussel sprouts.

love – brussel sprouts. never had them raw before trying a salad at nellcote. and now I’m totally hooked.

brussel sprout salad

I’ve looked at a few recipes and tried it a few different ways. but it’s actually pretty simple. just cut the sprouts thin and salt them, this will wilt them a little and make them less bitter. such a great salad.

brussel sprout salad

I like the fennel and red onion in this one (not a big fan of the brown butter vin). Also if you like a little kick, thinly sliced jalapenos go along way!

this saturday is the first green city market – rain or shine I can’t wait.


smile – it’s friday

friday could not come soon enough this week. I don’t know what it was – but I was in a particularly foul mood this and no fun for those around me.

new leaf flower shop

but at least it’s the weekend. I can’t wait to hang with friends. and if it ever stops raining get out for a bike ride!


I love all the cute flower shops around town. a new leaf is in old town and it is beautiful. they also have an awesome rental space with exposed brick, a courtyard and just filled with greenery.

new leaf green house

I hope to make it to floriole cafe this weekend. they have the most amazing bread and treats. and it’s not like a typical brunch where you leave in a food coma.

insta love – spring edition

some of my favorite images from instagram this spring!

instagram spring edition

 yellow – @mrsstrock – a lovely stella and dot rep

bright laces –  @mackenziehoran

I will admit – I follow @jefholm from the bachelor, come on he is hot. and he actually has a good instagram, he meet this stylish little man traveling – too cute

my friend here in chicago – @samanthachicity – the awesome men’s look

waiting for spring…

while it is officially spring – it was 19 degrees here in Chicago when I was leaving for the gym this morning. and I am doubtful that it is really here.

hoping for the best – here are a few things I can’t wait for

stella and stella

exploring all Chicago has to offer in the market department – last fall I meet this awesome pup named Stella. I think we were made for each other.

Floral Print Spring Jacket

floral jacket 15$ – I hope I didn’t miss my  chance for this one.

Madewell sinny skinny jeans

the skinny skinny madewell jeans fit amazingly – and they currently have spring colors on sale!

DV Archer

Sandal weather – I love this pair by DV